Finding UK IT Contractor Accountants – Best Ones!

Well, there are a lot of website and directory results when you’re searching for IT contractor accountants. At a first glance it’s getting more difficult to understand which ones are faking it to look like an established company and which ones are truly the best and most reasonable at what they do. But how do you find the IT contractor accountants – best ones? Here’s a checklist to go through when finding the best IT contractor accountants:

  • Cheap contractor accountants dilemma
    • Don’t go cheap! Well, too cheap. Check what’s included in their services and packages to see if they cover your requirements. The average contractor accountant rates range between £60-£100 per month (see: Contractor Accountants Fees Comparison)
  • Look for a high quality customer service
    • Make sure the contractor accountants declare a minimum length of time to contact you back (i.e. within 48 hours or 2-3 business days)
  • Choose specialist IT contractor accountants
    • IR35 is a massive issue amongst IT contractors. Look for IR35 specialist accountants for contractors.
  • Estimate your take home pay with a simple contractor calculator to form your own questions for the accountants
  • Go through their reviews!
    • Buying fake reviews is a thing these days. Every established IT contractor accountants website or social media will have a ‘reviews’ or ‘testimonials‘ page. Go through them, and don’t go near them if they sound unnatural and fake (keep in mind that some reviews might have been done by people who genuinely don’t have good English)
  • Get in touch!
    • Contact them to discuss your requirement, as simple or complicated it may be. Make sure that they can understand your case and respond efficiently
  • Not being local is not an issue anymore!
    • When it comes to contractor accounting, not being local doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. For example, Power Accountax is providing accountancy services to all contractors nationwide

We hope that this article helps to finding the UK based IT contractor accountants – best ones.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with Power Accountax Contractor Accountants any time!