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What is a socket head cap screw? A socket head cap screw, often known as a socket cap screw, socket screw, or Allen socket bolt, is a type of cap screw with a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. Typically driven with allen wrenches or hex head machine screws keys, in addition they are available in Button head and Flat head variants.

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Captive screws include Philips or standard heads which can be designed for utilization with drill equipment and peculiar screwdrivers. Captive screws can be present in several configurations and sizes much just like the conventional screws premeditated to be utilized for large variety of applications. A number of captive screws are designed to pivot again or retract to prevent staff being minimize or scraped by screws. Slight differences in shank, grooves, or threading might make the switching of different captive-screws inadvisable or troublesome, which relies upon solely on the appliance.

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