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HMRC Tax Enquiries & Penalties

Under the Finance Act 2008 the HM Revenue & Customs have been given new powers and can now investigate more thoroughly
We are here to protect you!
We are here to handle all HMRC Tax Enquiry correspondence

You never need to speak to an HMRC Tax Inspector

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What should you do if you have an HMRC Tax Enquiry?

Do not contact or discuss any HMRC Tax Enquiries with the HMRC before talking to us

Do not worry and stay calm

It is unlikely this will be a criminal offence, we can explain the implications

Do not delay there may be an information order incurring daily penalties

You have rights, we can explain these to you

We have specific policies and procedures in handling in HMRC Tax Enquiries. For example

We do not supply original documents if we do not have to
Estimates the tax due during the year
We protect your private affairs and private bank statements
We undertake everything by correspondence
We keep you up to date on every step of the way

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Our Experience

Our Managing Principal and Tax Enquiries Director Rajesh Kohli BSc FCA has been dealing with HMRC tax enquiries for over a decade, he is an Ex-PricewaterhouseCoopers Qualified accountant. We have an excellent success rate, where we have a 100% client satisfaction on every HMRC Tax Enquiry undertaken. References of our success available.

We have also acted on behalf of other Accountancy Firms for our specialist knowledge and representation on HMRC Tax Enquiries and Strategy.